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The Carbonating Secret Revealed

The secret to Dr. Chem-Dry’s unique cleaning capabilities can be found in our use of a specialized cleaning solution called The Natural®. This eco-friendly cleaning solution harnesses the power of millions of tiny bubbles, which penetrate deep into your carpets and brings set-in dirt, stains, and grime to the surface. Afterward, we use state of the art extraction equipment to remove the dirt, as well as all of the cleaning solution. Much like using club soda to remove a stain from your clothes, this process is gentle and effective.

Carpets with a Longer-Lasting Clean

Due to the natural power of carbonation, the tiny bubbles do much of the work for us. That means our professional technicians don’t need to rely on sticky soaps or excess water. Since we don’t leave behind any dirt-attracting residue, your carpets will stay cleaner for longer.

If you or a member of your family suffers from any form of allergies or asthma, Dr. Chem-Dry’s cleaning method is ideal. Not only will your carpet dry more quickly and stay cleaner for longer; we exclusively use non-toxic cleaning solutions. You’ll never have to worry about us bringing additional irritants or allergy triggers into your home – all you’ll be left with are healthier, safer carpets than ever before.

We’re proud to say that our proprietary cleaner, The Natural®, is recognized as safe by the FDA. It contains no soaps, detergents, or surfactants, and it’s green-certified. You can trust that it’s safe to use around both kids and pets. Combined with our hot carbonating extraction cleaning method, The Natural® provides a deep, eco-friendly clean that’s effective on carpets and upholstery alike. Best of all, since your soft surfaces will stay cleaner for longer, we’ll help you save money.

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