Air Duct Cleaning

Invest in Your Home’s Air Quality

Even the best air system accumulates dirt, debris, and impurities over time. Since most of these contaminants are microscopic, disposable filters aren’t always able to remove them. Despite your best efforts to keep your home’s air clean, recirculating air will bring in even more contaminants as time goes by. Purifying your home’s air is a job for the professionals.

Phoenix’s Preferred Air Duct Cleaning Service

For the Phoenix-Scottsdale area’s best air duct cleaning services, call Dr. Chem-Dry. We’re trusted throughout the area for our superior services. Although the benefits to having your air ducts cleaned by a professional are endless, they include:

  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Removing unpleasant odors
  • Reducing allergens, and asthma triggers
  • Eliminating dust mites, which can pose serious risks to your health

Having your ductwork cleaned and sanitized by Dr. Chem-Dry is one of the easiest ways to promote a fresh, healthy home in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, Glendale, and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose Dr. Chem-Dry for Air Duct Cleaning

Dr. Chem Dry’s powerful equipment and specialized tools will clean your air ducts deeply, quickly, and effectively. We use two different cleaning systems. Our truck-mounted cleaning system is ideal for standard jobs. If you’re sensitive to odors, or if you’ve experienced fire or water damage, please ask about our contained air duct cleaning system. Before we get started, we’ll learn more about your home’s specific needs to determine which deodorizers, sanitizers, and anti-allergen products are best for you. For those with allergies, we highly recommend including our air duct sealant to your service. We also offer special removal services for those with trapped animals in their ventilation systems.

Interested in commercial air vent cleaning or tobacco smoke odor removal?

We do that too! Please visit our commercial air vent cleaning and tobacco smoke odor removal pages to learn more.

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