Air Duct Cleaning in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, & Peoria

Invest in Air Quality in Your Home

No matter the quality of your air system, eventually impurities will collect and be carried throughout your home or office. Since most of these contaminants are microscopic, disposable filters cannot be counted on to remove them. Even with attempts to thoroughly clean a room with powerful disinfectants and air sprays, the effort is quickly defeated as the recirculating air system will bring a new batch of contaminants into the air and onto your home’s furnishings.

Phoenix’s Preferred Air Duct Cleaning Service

There are many benefits to having your home air ducts cleaned, including improving air quality, removing unpleasant odors, and safeguarding against illness. Recent experimental studies have uncovered another enemy to your health – the infamous dust mite. This microscopic organism clings to dust particles, secreting a protein that is highly irritating to human skin and the lining of the lungs. The mite hides out in the duct work, in home furnishings, and is carried throughout your home or office by the central air system. Start enjoying a fresher, healthier environment in your Scottsdale area home or office and have your ductwork cleaned and sanitized today.

Dr. Chem-Dry provides home air duct cleaning services in Phoenix AZ, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, and the surrounding areas. We also provide air duct cleaning for offices and businesses. Learn more about our commercial air duct cleaning services here.

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Why Choose Dr. Chem-Dry For Air Duct Cleaning

  • We clean all air ducts using Dr. Chem-Dry’s powerful duct cleaning equipment and one of our two cleaning systems.
  • The first is our truck mounted duct cleaning system, great for your average jobs. Then we have our contained air duct cleaning system<./li>
  • This system is great for people with sensitivity to odors, or if fire or water damage occurs in your home and has contaminated your ventilation.
  • To contain your duct work we plug each opening after removing and cleaning the register. Then we use one of our powerful Turbojet dust collectors that range from 2000 CFM for residential air duct cleaning all the way up to 3500 CFM for commercial duct cleaning. These dust collectors have 3 separate filters with one HEPA filter that filters 99.97% of all dust and contaminants that are removed during the cleaning process. We use a variety of tools depending on the type of duct work and situation such as high pressure air tools, high powered brushes (a must for underground air returns!), and source removal methods with HEPA backpack vacuums.
  • Apply deodorizer, sanitizer or anti-allergen products depending on your home’s specific needs.
  • Do you suffer from allergies? Our air duct sealant can lock down airborne allergens that could be coming from your ventilation.
  • If fire or smoke has previously contaminated your air ducts then we can help by cleaning and applying our smoke deodorizer.
  • We also assist in removing animals that may be trapped in your home’s air ventilation system.

We also specialize in tobacco smoke odor removal in air ducts. Learn more about our tobacco smoke odor removal service here. If your moving in or out of a home and need our tobacco smoke removal services, call us today at (602) 243 – 6379 .