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Allergy Proofing Your Home

Allergy season is upon us; but did you know that the root cause of your allergy symptoms could actually be something that’s right there in your home? So even if you are careful not to go outside, you could be getting “home sick” as a result of allergens that are building up in your house. [...]

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Dr. Chem-Dry and the Power of Carbonation: the Green Solution

Dr. Chem-Dry is able to clean carpets and upholstery thoroughly using less water than other cleaning solutions and no harmful chemicals. A huge part of why this is possible is our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process that uses 80% less water than a typical steam cleaner. Rather than using regular carpet and steam cleaning techniques — which [...]

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Stone, Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Most homes still have some carpet, but here in Phoenix, Scottsdale and surrounding cities we see that more and more that people are putting in hard flooring such as tile, stone and even hardwood floors. These are great floors for lots of reasons, check out this article for 7 Benefits of Tile Flooring At Home. Overtime [...]

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9 Tips to Maintaining Your Rug(s)

Rugs can be a beautiful addition to any room in your home, but they often are placed in high traffic areas. This makes maintaining them a challenge. The good news is that maintaining a rug can be easier than you think. See the illustration below to find out exactly what the expert technicians at Dr. [...]

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Tips to a Successful Rescue Pet Adoption

Adventure is out there. How about adopting a rescue dog or cat? No worries, below we've got some tips to make adopting a new pet a huge success! Read the tips below and when you and you're family is ready, visit Best Friends Animal Society to find a shelter in your area. Chem-Dry is proud [...]

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Hot Carbonating Extraction vs. Steam Cleaning

Here at Dr. Chem-Dry things are done differently. We take pride in being able to provide a natural, longer lasting carpet cleaning solution than traditional steam cleaning. Our exclusive Hot Carbonating Extraction process provides you with the best clean possible. Our carpet cleaning product, called The Natural® leaves your carpets sparkling clean with no sticky [...]

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Upholstery Cleaning With Dr. Chem-Dry

Up to 80% of the dirt and dust that is being brought into your home can end up in your upholstery and furniture. Dr. Chem-Dry gives you a proprietary upholstery cleaning service that prolongs the life of your furniture is green certified, safe and healthy for kids and pets. Dr. Chem-Dry's proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction Process along with our [...]

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What To Do When Your Dog Has An Accident In The House

  Coming home after a long day at work or away from your dog is one of the best parts of having a pet. As soon as you go in the door and there’s a furry, happy friend waiting there to greet you. You look forward to getting home, greeting your best friend and taking off your [...]

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A Series of Unfortunate Cat Accidents

Warning! Warning! If you are faint of heart and have a fear of dangerous creatures, nocturnal hunters, and/or unsightly stains, this infographic just not for you. If you would rather take a quiz about which famous person you are most like, no one will blame you. Such a choice would likely be far more pleasant. If, [...]

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10 Spring Cleaning Tips to Alleviate Allergies

The weather is getting warmer and spring season is in full swing causing approximately 50 million Americans to sneeze and rub their eyes. To some the warmer time of year is a welcome change from the winter time in Arizona, but also a wide variety of allergens like pollen are in the air, which can find its [...]

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