upholstery for newborns

Bringing home a new bundle of joy can be a nerve-wracking experience. Not only do you have to care for this tiny, delicate human, you’ve got to make sure that your home doesn’t hurt them… and that they don’t hurt your home. Kids can do a number on your furniture and flooring. “Baby-proof” your home by getting the right kind of upholstery.

At Dr. Chem-Dry, we know which kinds of upholstery are tough enough to take whatever your newborns and young children can dish out. Adding a new member to your family? If so, consider picking one of these three upholsteries.

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It’s one of the things that parents fear most about what their kids will do to their furniture: Making a mess on them. Kids can be incredibly messy, especially newborns. Having your kids interacting with delicate upholstery like linens is a recipe for disaster. Kids will spill their drinks, they could have “accidents” or spit up on the upholstery, and all sorts of other mishaps could occur. You’ll want to get some upholstery that is durable and easy to clean.

Vinyl is among the most durable of all upholsteries. One of the advantages it offers is that it is very easy to clean. Unlike leather and other forms of upholstery, vinyl can have all sorts of things spilled on it and it won’t stain or suffer permanent damage so long as it’s cleaned up.

One thing to watch out for: Vinyl can heat up during the summer. While indoor furniture shouldn’t get so hot that it could hurt someone, it could happen. Protect your child by throwing a cover on your vinyl furniture during the summer months.


Leather is comfortable, stylish, and durable. It’s a great upholstery for kids. It’s tough enough to shrug off the wear and tear your kids will put on it while maintaining its comfort. The downside, compared to vinyl and other upholsteries, is that leather can be more expensive. It also can stain. There are cleaning products that can treat leather- just be sure to use those and not some random household cleaner. Those could end up damaging your upholstery.

And like vinyl, leather is sensitive to temperature. In hot weather leather can be PAINFUL to sit on. Keep it covered when it gets hot. You’ll also want to make sure it’s not exposed to too much sunlight: The leather can crack and fade over time.


Microfiber is a very comfortable form of upholstery. It’s cheaper than leather, and has the added benefit of being stain and dust resistant. They’re designed to be durable and long-lasting. Their stain resistance makes them a great choice for dealing with little ones who may spill their juice on the couch or draw on it with crayons or finger-cleaning. It’s one of the easiest types of upholstery to clean.

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