Leather Cleaning & Moisturizing

Adding leather furniture to your is an excellent investment that adds style and sophistication to your Phoenix home. Leather upholstery is very durable and can last for a long time with proper care.  However, evidence of wear on leather can be noticeable and detract from the look of your furniture. Proper cleaning and maintenance can help you avoid damaging your upholstery. Most cleaning products on the market however are not suitable for leather and may cause damaging to the leather finish, leading to dryness and cracking.

Dr. Chem-Dry offers a safe solution for delicate leather furnishings that restores its natural vibrancy and shine, adding years of life to you investment. Our certified leather cleaning specialist can prevent wear on your upholstery, keeping your furniture looking great.

Maintain Leather Furniture

The appearance of your leather furniture fades over time due to body oils, perspiration, skin acids, and normal wear and tear. This leads to stains and dark spots developing on your upholstery.  Some common soils that embed themselves in leather include:

  • Oils and Grease – Body oils from people and animals can easily transfer to your furniture and cause damage to its protective finish.
  • Atmospheric Soils – Dust particles, airborne cooking oils, and invisible air pollutants are attracted leather furniture, which can cause damage to the material.
  • Common Soils – Common dirt, sand, and plant fibers are tracked into the home by kids, pets, and adults. These soils attach themselves to your furniture when used.
  • Dyes and Inks – Dyes and inks from items such as pens, newspapers, and denim are all known for working their way into leather furniture and can be difficult to remove without damaging the surface.

Dr. Chem-Dry’s certified leather specialists have the knowledge and experience to select the best cleaning solution for your leather type and soil buildup. We can remove soil and stains from your leather and then moisturize and condition your leather to protect it and bring back its natural beauty and feel.

Keep Your Leather Furniture Clean

You can easily maintain the health and beauty of your leather furniture in between cleanings by applying Chem-Dry’s Soft Cleaner and Chem-Dry’s Protection Clean. Both products will help to protect your leather upholstery by keeping it clean and moisturized.

Contact us today to learn more about how Dr. Chem-Dry can clean rejuvenate your leather furniture.