Granite Countertop Renewal


Now we can renew that shiny, polished look of your granite countertops, making them look new again. From start to finish our granite countertop cleaning and polishing removes buildup, calcium deposits, most stains and residues left by other household cleaners. With every granite countertop, we always seal and polish it to keep it protected from those everyday stains and spills.

We offer a 4 step process to renew the look of your granite countertops.

  1. Clean: A deep cleaning that removes dirt, build up, germs and even hard water.
  2. Residue Removal: We always remove any leftover residues that may be still around from household cleaners.
  3. Sealing: No granite countertop renewal is complete without our specially formulated sealer just for granite countertops. This is included in every granite renewal that we do at Dr. Chem­Dry, because it is so important.
  4. Polishing: We then shine your granite with our exclusive polishing solution and pads.

Want more shine? No problem, free of charge we can do up to 3 polishings so that it shines to your satisfaction. Call Dr. Chem­-Dry today at (602­) 243­-6479 for a FREE quote.

Benefits to Using Dr. Chem-Dry:

  • Removes 98.4% of bacteria, when a sanitizer is added
  • Eliminates dir, oils and other grime
  • Seals and protects against staining
  • Renews the lustrous shine
  • Protects your investment in your granite countertops


* Based on results from a study conducted by an independent laboratory using Chem-Dry’s Granite Countertop Renewal cleaning process with a sanitizer added. Figures are an average across several tests conducted in multiple homes.