Phoenix Stone Cleaning & Sealing

The Right Care for Your Natural Stone

If you have natural stone floors in your home, you know how important it is to keep them looking clean. At Dr. Chem-Dry, we also understand the importance of keeping your stone floors clean. We’ve designed our professional grade cleaning process to leave your stone floors sparkling clean, just like the day it was installed. Dirt and grime naturally build up over time, which leads to bacteria growing on your floor. At Dr. Chem­Dry we remove the dirt and grime for you so  that you no longer have to spend hours scrubbing the floor on your knees with a toothbrush.  Our cleaning process removes the dirt and grime without the use of harmful chemicals, making your floors safe for children and pets.

Countertops, Showers and Beyond

Stone is a beautiful material that can be used in various ways. From floors to patios to countertops, we believe all stone surfaces should be kept clean and beautiful. Because stone can often be porous, dirt, grime, and bacteria can easily build up on the surface.  The professionals at Dr. Chem-Dry have the experience and equipment necessary to get the deepest clean from your home’s stonework. Let us help you clean and restore your beautiful stone surfaces.

Protect Your Investment

Dr. Chem­-Dry’s tile & stone clean and seal services restore the shimmer and shine to your tile or stone, while giving it long­lasting protection from dirt, spills and bacteria. Our sealer is specially made to protect all types of stone, tile & grout without changing its natural appearance. Ask us how you can protect your floors today and save.