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“What’s the best flooring for pets?” That’s a question we get a lot at Dr. Chem-Dry Carpet & Tile Cleaning. It’s a very good question: If you have the wrong kind of flooring, you could end up spending a significant amount of time and money cleaning up pet-related damage that wouldn’t be an issue with other kinds of flooring.

Homeowners looking for pet-friendly flooring options are in luck: There are quite a few different ones to choose from! They all have their strengths and weaknesses, but with the right care and upkeep they could serve you and your pet well for years to come. Here are four of the best types of flooring for homes with pets.

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One of the best options for pet owners looking for flooring that is low maintenance and durable. Tile is very durable and scratch-resistant. They’re also fairly stain resistant and easy to clean, provided you clean up accidents promptly. Most tile materials are hardy, but some tiles are made with softer, more porous stones that may require more care and maintenance.

The one downside to tile? Tile’s cold and hard surface provides little to no comfort for your feet. A bare foot on cold tile is not a happy foot. It’s no more comfortable for your pet, so consider getting them a pet bed so they have somewhere cozy and warm to recline in.


Vinyl flooring is another great option for pet owners. It’s very scratch-resistant, it’s easy to clean and it promotes low levels of allergens in your home. It does have a couple of flaws, though. It can dull over time and water spills on vinyl can cause it to lift or mildew.


To the naked eye laminate flooring may look like hardwood flooring, but it holds up much better against pet wear and tear than hardwood floors would. Laminate is stain resistant and eco-friendly. It can deal with high volumes of traffic without it wearing down. Darker finishes are more vulnerable to scratch damage, however, and glossy finishes can reduce your pet’s traction and make the floor slippery for you too.

Bamboo and Cork

Hardwood floors can be tricky with pets. While it is a very handsome and aesthetically appealing form of flooring, it’s very vulnerable to stain and scratch damage. Hardwood is especially susceptible to the salt crystals in pet urine, which can cause odors and stains to reappear over time.

Some woods do hold up better against pets than others. Bamboo and cork are both fairly stain resistant and have anti-microbial properties, which makes them hold up well against pet accidents. They’re also both hardy woods who can resist wear and tear. Bamboo can be more expensive than other hardwoods, though, and its darker finishes are more vulnerable to scratches and water damage. Cork can get discolored overtime if it’s exposed to enough sunlight, and it isn’t suitable for rooms where heavy furniture will be placed: The cork could get permanently indented by the weight of the furniture.

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