Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Scottsdale

For more than 40 years, Dr. Chem-Dry has provided Scottsdale’s best carpet cleaning service. Over that time, we’ve helped countless friends, neighbors, and families love their carpets again. We’ve made Scottsdale’s carpets cleaner, brighter, and more touchable. And we’ve done it the right way – with cleaning solutions that are as kind to you as they are to your carpets.

Everything we do reflects our commitment to effective, eco-friendly cleaning. Rather than use harsh chemicals or sticky soaps, our cleaning solutions are green-certified and safe for children and pets. Our flagship cleaner, The Natural®, uses hot, tiny bubbles to deeply penetrate carpet fibers, liberate stains, and lift them to where they can be easily pulled away. Now that’s the way to clean Scottsdale’s carpets.

All-Natural Cleaning 

all natural carpet cleaning solution

Because The Natural cleans carpets so well, we’re able to apply it sparingly, at low pressure. And when less moisture is applied to carpets, less is left behind; this makes for short drying times. After a Dr. Chem-Dry cleaning, your carpet will dry completely in just one or two hours. Steam cleaners that require heavy, high-pressure applications can leave carpets damp for a full day.

Our beautifully-clean carpets could speak for themselves, but they wouldn’t tell the whole story: That’s because the beauty of a Dr. Chem-Dry cleaning goes beyond what you can see or even feel. An independent lab found that our hot carbonated cleanings, when partnered with our sanitizer, remove 98% of common allergens from carpets and upholstery; we also remove 89% of airborne bacteria.

Our Scottsdale Services

Starting to like the idea of green-certified, home-healthy carpet cleaning? We’ve got good news for you: Dr. Chem-Dry offers a full range of eco-friendly cleaning services, including:

If you’re ready for a gentler, friendlier kind of clean, why not call Dr. Chem-Dry today? We offer a free price estimate and same-day service. We’re proud to keep Scottsdale’s carpets clean. We’ll make you proud of your carpet, too.