The secret to a clean home is a consistent schedule along with a good plan. Around the holiday season, even the best plans can go off course. With the addition of holiday meals, gift giving and gatherings, our daily routines might need to be changed up a bit.

Is it your turn to host the big holiday event this year? Whether it’s a Christmas eve party for all your extended family or a party for coworkers and friends, a clean home is definitely your first priority.

The list of things to do grows very quick. How do you prioritize things, like when to schedule a professional carpet cleaning or preparing rooms for overnight guests? Take a deep breath and know that we have your back. We’ve put together a helpful infographic that gives you a few simple strategies you can use in preparing you holiday party. This guide can help you pull off a great event, but more importantly, ensure you have wonderful holidays with family and friends.

Holiday Party Cleaning Checklist