Encapsulation Maintenance

Extend the life of your office’s carpet with Dr. Chem-Dry’s Encapsulation Maintenance Program. Encapsulation carpet cleaning is a planned packaged maintenance program which includes as many as three encapsulation cleanings between a Hot Carbonating Extraction cleaning.

The Encapsulation Cleaning Process

The encapsulation process begins with spraying our commercial cleaner and crystalline polymer solution to your carpet.  The solution is then brushed into the fibers of the carpet with Chem-Dry’s PowerPro Brush Machine.  This helps us to ensure that the solution is thoroughly worked into the carpet and is able to do its job.

As soon as the solution is applied, it begins to surround existing dirt, oil, and other embedded particles.  The solution then crystalizes around the particles, forming a coating, so that they can no longer attract more soil.  These dirt particles can now be easily whisked away with regular vacuuming.

Encapsulation Before & After


Our encapsulation maintenance program offers several benefits for your business’ carpeting.

  • Bring back light to dingy carpets
  • Remove spots and stains from the surface
  • Help to repel future soiling
  • Exceptional appearance
  • Includes Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction
  • Clean carpets all year long


As a business owner, you never want to miss an opportunity to have your doors open to your customers and employees.  Dr. Chem-Dry is able to quickly and efficiently apply our encapsulation cleaning process in order to minimize your business’ down time.  Our professional cleaning technicians can be in and out of the job in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods.