Everyone wants clean, healthy, and beautiful carpeting. We strongly believe in providing our customers with the best way to get it as clean as possible. Some homeowners still believe that steam cleaning is the best way to keep your carpets bright, but Dr. Chem-Dry knows better. We know that our hot carbonation carpet cleaning offers several advantages that steam cleaning just can’t match. Let’s compare the two methods:

Carbonated Cleaning

For years, carpet cleaning relied on the use of sticky soaps to get the job done. But here at Dr. Chem-Dry, we use a more advanced method: hot carbonation. Carbonation employs an army of tiny bubbles to liberate and lift away even the toughest built-in grime and dirt from your carpets. Our carbonated solution – The Natural® – is eco-friendly, and safe for your children and pets. And because our carpet cleaning solution The Natural® is so effective, just a light application is all that’s needed.

Steam Cleaning

In order to work, traditional steam cleaning requires a lot of hot water to deliver its cleaning solution – almost five times as much liquid as Chem-Dry uses. Starting with all of that liquid ensures that much more will be left behind after the cleaning is completed. As a result, steam cleanings often require 24 to 48 hours to dry – much longer than the two hours our lighter applications require. A sticky residue that actually attracts dirt can also be left behind, which means that your steam-cleaned carpet will stain more quickly.

Let’s sum up the differences:

Chem-Dry (Hot Carbonation)

  • Uses bubbles, not soaps
  • Light applications
  • Short drying times (as little as two hours)
  • Gentle, neutral pH
  • Green-certified
  • Keeps carpets cleaner longer

Steam Cleaners (Hot Water Extraction)

  • Uses sticky soaps
  • Heavy applications
  • Long dry times (as long as two days)
  • High pH solution
  • No green certification
  • Accelerates stain recurrence

Decision Time

If you want an effective, eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution that dries quickly and that doesn’t attract new stains, the choice is clear: Call Dr. Chem-Dry today at (602) 243-6379. We’re proud to serve Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, and the surrounding area!