Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Phoenix & Surrounding

Do you own, operate, or work for a business in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, or Peoria? Make sure your co-workers and customers alike are able to experience the best environment possible with commercial air duct cleaning services from a local company you can trust.

Dr. Chem-Dry’s Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Process

  • Clean the air conditioner (most commercial air conditioning units are larger than residential units and are located on the roof or above the ceiling tiles).
      • We first test the system to make sure it is operating properly, and then we disconnect the power before opening the unit for technician safety.
      • Vacuum the interior surfaces of the Air Conditioner Unit with a HEPA vacuum.
      • Vacuum the coils and then clean them with a coil cleaner.
      • Clean the Blower unit in place on a commercial unit.
  • Clean the supply and return registers and grills.
    • Remove all commercial registers.
    • Wash and scrub registers with a special degreaser, then rinse and dry them.
  • Clean the supply and return duct work.
    • Clean all air ducts using Cook Bros powerful duct cleaning equipment and our top of the line air duct cleaning system.
    • We use a contained air duct cleaning system, that is perfect for commercial and industrial environments, or  if fire or water damage has contaminated your duct work in some way in the building.
    • Learn more about our contained duct cleaning system.
  • Apply deodorizer, sanitizer or anti-allergen products.
    • Apply sanitizer, deodorizer or anti-allergen products depending on the situation.
    • If clients or employees are experiencing allergies, our duct encapsulate can lock down allergens that could be coming from your duct work.
    • If smoke or fire damage has occurred in a commercial building. Then the air ducts are almost certainly contaminated with smoke so Cook Bros Cleaning & Restoration can help by cleaning and applying a special smoke deodorizer product.
  • Replace and install new filters in the units. Optional UV light can be installed.
    • If the building manager has replacement filters we’ll put in the new filters after cleaning the air conditioner unit. We can also pre-order filters in the case none are available in the commercial building.
    • Install a UV lamp that can destroy chemical or biological contaminants including odors. This germicidal UV lamp can be installed in the air conditioning unit in many buildings including schools, commercial areas, offices, and hospitals. It can be effective and safe at eliminating any contaminants that can become airborne such as bacteria, viruses, allergens, fungi, mold or mildew, etc. It reduces odors by treating the air as it passes through the air handler unit all day long.