Which Upholstery Is Right for My Family?

Getting the right upholstery for your home can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. You want to have furniture that isn’t just comfortable to use but is comfortable with your lifestyle and home. If you’re off having mud runs on the weekend you probably don’t want to come home to a [...]

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How Can I Protect My Upholstery from Family, Pets & the Sun?

The sun is shining, your kids are playing, your pets are frolicking indoors and you are sweating bullets. All you can think about is what will happen when your dog or your baby daughter has an accident on the couch, or what you’ll do if your cat treats your ottoman as a scratching post or [...]

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What to do if pets scratch your furniture

In a perfect world, pets and furniture would mix together as well as peanut butter and jelly. Unfortunately in the real world these two household staples can sometimes clash. Your cat might love that new loveseat you bought, but for entirely different reasons than you do: You might love the comfortable upholstery, while your cat [...]

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How Can I Protect My Tile Flooring at Home?

Tile flooring can be a wise investment for any homeowner. It’s relatively cheap, easy to install, simple to maintain and it looks great. But it can get damaged if you’re not careful. Tile flooring can last you a long time, so long as you treat it right and protect it from wear and tear. At [...]

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7 Benefits of Tile Flooring At Home

At some point, all homeowners face the same question: what should I do with my floors? Do you go with carpet or wood flooring? Vinyl or tile? What type of flooring would benefit you and your home the most? At Dr. Chem-Dry, we have years of experience cleaning up every kind of flooring surface imaginable. [...]

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5 Reasons Carpet is Better Than Wood Flooring

Hardwood floors have seen a surge in popularity in recent years as homeowners trade in their tired carpets for shiny new planks. There’s no denying the beauty or classic appeal of wood floors, but they may not be the best choice for every room of your house. In fact, in many cases carpet is better [...]

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Cleaning Products That Can Damage Your Tile

In recent years, tile has become a popular replacement for the dusty, dirt-trapping carpets of the past. But did you know that even tile can hold dirt and grime for years if not cleaned properly? Many commercially available cleaning products claim to remove years of built-up dirt, but they may be doing more harm than [...]

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The Pros & Cons of DIY Carpet Cleaning

When your carpet starts to look a little grungy, it can be very tempting to simply try to take care of it yourself. Unsightly spots and stains affect the look of your entire home, and a clean carpet can do wonders for both your home's appearance and your mood. But while going the DIY route [...]

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What Type of Flooring is Better for Asthma and Allergies?

As the summer winds down, it’s time to prepare for allergy season. Go ahead and stock up on tissues and tea, but we suggest also evaluating your floors. Did you know that certain types of flooring are actually worse for those who suffer from allergies and asthma? When it comes to preventing asthma and allergies, [...]

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Can Stain Removers Ruin My Carpet?

When a spill occurs on your carpet, your first thought might be to reach for something wet and soapy to hurry and clean the mess up. Because wet, soapy and foamy concoctions are used to clean so many other messes in our homes, it’s no wonder that this is our natural first thought when it [...]

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