Emergency Carpet Cleaning Services


In case of an emergency, put the power of Dr. Chem­Dry to work for your carpets. The last thing that we want our customers to have to go through is a water damage in their home.   However, we understand that sometimes emergencies are unavoidable. Have no fear, though,one call to Dr. Chem­Dry will put an Emergency Response Team in motion to take care of the disaster.

Our professional technicians are trained and certified to handle all types of water damage situations. For information, contact your Dr. Chem­Dry professional.

Insurance Claims


When you have an insurance loss it pays to use Dr. Chem­Dry.  We can work directly with your insurance company saving you time and energy. We also use the estimating software called Xactimate® used by most insurance companies with industry set pricing.


CALL 602 ­CHEMDRY (602­-243­-6379) for your Immediate Response Team

Lessen the damage to your home

We never wish this to happen to anyone, but when it does CALL US and we’ll help lessen the damage through mitigation techniques that water intrusion can do to your home.

Mitigation: The sooner the water is removed from the structure & contents the less damage that will occur.

Certified Technicians: Our technicians are experienced & certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians.