Carpet Damage Prevention Tips

common causesWater disasters can wreak havoc on your carpets. From minor pipe leaks to flooding, your Dr. Chem­Dry professional is prepared to tackle most any water damage situation.  There are three simple things that you can look at in your home to try and prevent water damage.  The picture below that shows common areas in your home that preventative maintenance may help prevent water damage from occurring in your home.

Common causes of water damage

These are the 3 most common causes that we have seen in our 30 years of experience, and some preventative measures.

  1. Air Handler: Water damage occurs from an air handler unit when the drain pan & drain pipe gets clogged & then it overflows.  Regular cleaning of your air handler can help prevent this from happening.
  2. Washers: Most water hoses that are normally are installed behind a washer are usually made of rubber.  The rubber eventually dries up and breaks causing significant water damage in most cases.  The water hose can also have been pinched and eventually may burst and cause water damage.  Water damage from the water hoses can be prevented by purchasing stainless steel braided hoses to replace the rubber ones.
  3. Toilets:  The water supply line behind a toilet is a type of flex hose that is cheap and breaks easily.  To prevent this type of water damage from happening to you, just replace the water supply line with a stainless steel braided water hose.

Water hose replacement

The cost of a stainless steel braided hoses range from $10­$30, a much less costly repair than the average water damage.  This repair is not full proof.  A stainless steel braided hose can still burst, but because Arizona is so dry the rubber water hoses burst more often.