Rug Immersion Cleaning Process

Rug Cleaning Steps

  1. Pick up – Our rug cleaning process begins when we pick up your area rug. We do an onsite inspection of your rugs to make sure the rug isn’t damaged.
  2. Full inspection and testing – Once your area rug is back at our rug cleaning plant, we tag it and do a thorough inspection.
  3. Dry Soil Removal – We pre-vacuum each area rug on the face and the back. We then remove dry soil from your area rug using a large rug duster. You’d be amazed at how much dirt we can get out of your rug, even after we’ve pre-vacuumed it. Before we get it wet, we do a dye stability test on each rug to find out if there is a possibility of bleeding.
  4. Pre-treatment – If the rug does bleed, we us a special Chem-Dry product called Colorfast© to lock the dyes prior to cleaning. Prior to the full cleaning, we pre-treat the spots and stains on your rug with the appropriate cleaning solution to fully remove most spots and stains from your area rug.
  5. Deep Immersion pit – The deep immersion cleaning pit is filled with water and your rug is completely submerged to allow for a deeper clean.
  6. Area rug cleaning – An area rug cleaning solution is applied to your rug, which is green certified and wool safe.
  7. Rinsing – Just like when you wash your clothes, we rinse your rug with clean, clear water to be sure that virtually all of the dirt and cleaning solutions are fully removed from your rug.
  8. Drying – Depending on the area rug, we have two different drying systems. Most rugs are hung up to dry on our area rug drying racks along with special air movers to allow for quicker drying. We also have a specialty drying floor so that we can keep certain rugs straight while drying them at the same time.
  9. Post inspection – During the post inspection our team will look over your area rug to make sure all of the spots were fully removed and roll your rug up for its safe return to your home.
  10. Delivery – We wrap your rug in a special material to ensure that we deliver your rug back to your home clean, dry and looking like new!
Colorful Area Rug Hang Drying
Colorful Area Rug Dusting