Our Carpet Cleaning Processes

Here in the Phoenix – Scottsdale area, there are almost as many methods of cleaning carpets as there are cleaning companies. But you’ll find that Dr. Chem-Dry’s cleaning methods are superior to them all. That’s because our methods are not only effective, but also green-certified, fast-drying, and safe for kids and pets.

Let’s take a closer look at how Dr. Chem-Dry cleans carpets throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, and the surrounding communities:

Hot Carbonating Extraction Process

We recommend our premier carpet cleaning service to most of our clients, because our exclusive PowerHead® rotary cleaning system and powerful truck-mounted extraction system deliver world-class results. Here’s our process:

  • We pre-vacuum. This is because almost 60% of dry soils can be removed before getting the carpet wet.
  • We pre-spray. We have green-certified pre-sprays for all types of carpet, for traffic lanes, and even for removing the residues left by previous carpet cleaners.
  • We pre-scrub. This step starts the process of removing dirt and grime, and prepares the carpet for our application of The Natural® – Chem-Dry’s eco-friendly and kid-safe carpet cleaning solution.
  • We apply The Natural®. Our carbonated cleaning solution is applied hot, and requires a lot less moisture than traditional steam cleaners; instead of soap and lots of hot water, The Natural uses tiny bubbles to loosen dirt and grime, and lift it to the surface where we can easily pull it away.
  • We powerfully extract moisture. Our truck-mounted extraction and exclusive PowerHead tool team up to leave you with wonderfully clean carpets that can dry in as little as two hours.
  • We move your furniture, free of charge. We’ll move most furniture as needed to better clean your carpets, and we’ll gently return them to their places.
  • We vacuum and groom. We love the look of a fluffy, groomed carpet, and we know you do, too. So we post vacuum your carpets with our carpet wand to leave your carpets looking better than ever.

Legacy Carpet Cleaning Process

Our Legacy process has been around for over 35 years. A lot of our clients still ask for it because it delivers great results for a low price. Here’s our process:

  • We pre-vacuum. The initial step of removing dry soil has been an important part of our cleaning process for years.
  • We pre-spray. Our traditional cleaning style is enhanced with the latest in eco-friendly pre-treatment solutions.
  • We pre-scrub. This step starts the process of removing dirt and grime, and prepares the carpet for our application of The Natural – Chem-Dry’s most advanced carpet cleaner.
  • We apply The Natural. Using a buffer with a cotton pad, we apply The Natural to your carpet to liberate ground-in soil and stains, and pull them up out of your carpet.
  • We move your furniture. Just like we do in our premier service, we move your furniture to make sure that we can get your carpet as clean as can be, and we do it at no extra cost to you.
  • We groom. This step will lift the carpet fiber. Even our basic service will leave your carpets looking impeccably neat and inviting.

Whether you choose our Hot Carbonating Extraction process or our tried-and-true Legacy process, you can count on Dr. Chem-Dry to deliver carpet cleaning results that will make you proud. So don’t wait. Call Dr. Chem-Dry today at 602-243-6379. We’re proud to serve Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, Glendale, and the surrounding area.