Carpet Care Tips

Following the carpet cleaning tips Phoenix listed below is one of the best ways to increase your carpeting’s useful life while preserving its appearance. Like with most everything else in your home, your carpeting requires varying forms of maintenance in order for it to remain both beautiful and useful. When completed correctly the following basic tips will quickly become a routine and mindless chore:

Tip #1 – Vacuuming

Vacuuming is probably one of the most important maintenance techniques you can do to help refresh your carpet’s fibers. However, in most cases one pass of your vacuum is not sufficient enough to do a thorough job; unless you are vacuuming every few days. For this particular carpet cleaning tips Phoenix to be most effective, we recommend approaching the area multiple times, from different angles each time.

Tip #2 – Spot Test

When attempting to clean any spills on your carpet by using a spot removal solution, it is important to first perform a spot test. You can do this in any inconspicuous area, to ensure that no undesirable results, such as discoloration occur. Pretreating the area before cleaning additionally helps make’s the spill more user friendly. It is important to remember when spot testing or pretreating the spill to blot – not rub the area since rubbing may cause the spill to spread.

Tip #3 – Act Quickly

Another important tip for removing spills and messes is to tend to them as soon as they occur. The longer you delay in tending to a spill, the higher the probability of it setting in. Not acting quick enough, can unfortunately cause discolorations and odors in your carpeting. After cleaning up the spill, it is important to remember to allow sufficient time for it to dry. This minimizes the risk of recurring stains and indentations settling into your carpet pile.

Tip #4 – Stop Dirt in its Tracks

One of the most commonly overlooked, yet simple, carpet cleaning tips Phoenix involves stopping virtually all incoming dirt in its tracks by strategically placing area rugs and mats in high traffic zones – both inside and out. Other ways to stop dirt from entering your home is to remove your shoes before coming in from outside as well as changing the air filter within your home at regular intervals.

Tip #5 – Professional Cleaning

Some carpet materials are harder, or more delicate to clean when compared to others. While there are a variety of do it yourself carpet cleaning tips Phoenix you can do to keep your carpet looking beautiful, there are going to be times and considerations where we recommend you consider hiring a professional cleaning company. In fact, many carpet manufactures require professional cleaning services be performed at minimum once every 18 to 24 months in their warranties.