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APPLICANTS: Please Read BEFORE You Apply.

You are considering applying to a business that has firmly established itself as the premium service provider in the area. We accept only the best in all we do. Since opening in October of 1978, we have established a customer base of over 65,000 that spans 3 counties. We know, however, that we must continually improve and upgrade our services to meet the high expectations that our customers have.

We believe that our employees (we call them professionals) are the most important factor in our success. Therefore, we are very particular about who we hire. The attitude and personality of our professionals, and the pride that they take in their work, are more important factors than skill. We can teach anyone who truly wants to learn the skills necessary to meet the technical needs of our business.

What we offer our Professionals

We have a long history of continuing employment. Most employees want to stay working here much longer than the averages.

The level of pay for most of our Professionals is based on production and performance. This is particularly true for our field Professionals, our Service Technicians. They have the unique opportunity to control their pay rate, through the completion of all of their job requirements. They also control their level of pay, by making themselves available on a regular and consistent basis to provide outstanding customer service to our customers. Our profit sharing program allows our Service Technicians to benefit from providing customers with the opportunity to take advantage of our many valuable services and products. The profit sharing is based solely on individual performance, so all Professionals control their opportunity.

For our full time Professionals, we offer other valuable benefits. We have a very high quality medical insurance plan, and Health Savings Account (HSA) plan. Paid vacation is available and all details are in our Employee Handbook.

What we expect from our Professionals

Remember this simple quote, “THINK OF YOURSELF AS THE CUSTOMER.” The reason for that is simple. This
company will never pay you for the work you do! The customer is the one who pays all of us. The company only
handles the paperwork. Our Professionals keep that in mind every working day. It is the source of all the
requirements of every one of our Professionals’ jobs.

Our Professionals come to work each day with a positive enthusiastic attitude, and carry that with them throughout the day. While we each have personal problems, our customers do not care, nor should they. The customer does not care how well our Professionals “normally” perform, only how they perform for them. That is as it should be.

Our Professionals are responsible for their own conduct and are ready and willing to help their fellow Professionals.

Our Professionals are expected to think on their feet, and view problems as challenges and opportunities to learn, not
obstacles and an opportunity for excuses. That is how Professionals in any field conduct themselves.

Our Professionals are responsible for being in attendance, on time, every day. All Professionals are responsible for their own transportation to and from work. They are expected to be neat and clean in appearance, and ready to work in the appropriate attire. We do not permit our Service Technicians at any time to have visible to any customer: any tattoos, earrings or other piercing, or any other body ornamentation.

We are in a 24 hour, seven day a week business. The company does not set those hours, our customers do. Therefore, EVERY Professional must be prepared to arrive to work early, and be prepared to work late. In order to maintain consistent employment opportunities to all our Professionals, each Professional is expected to be flexible about work assignments each day. Someone unable to do this would be poorly suited for employment here.

By submitting this form, I understand and agree to the requirements listed above in my applying to work for Cook Bros. Cleaning and Restoration, Inc.