A Series of Unfortunate Cat Accidents

Warning! Warning! If you are faint of heart and have a fear of dangerous creatures, nocturnal hunters, and/or unsightly stains, this infographic just not for you. If you would rather take a quiz about which famous person you are most like, no one will blame you. Such a choice would likely be far more pleasant. If, [...]

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10 Spring Cleaning Tips to Alleviate Allergies

The weather is getting warmer and spring season is in full swing causing approximately 50 million Americans to sneeze and rub their eyes. To some the warmer time of year is a welcome change from the winter time in Arizona, but also a wide variety of allergens like pollen are in the air, which can find its [...]

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Dr. Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction Process Explained

Chem-Dry's proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) Process uses carbonation along with our Green Certified, safe and non-toxic cleaning solution, The Natural® to clean your home's carpet using 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning. During the cleaning millions of tiny bubbles are used to bring the dirt, grime and other particles to the surface. The dirt is [...]

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Yay 2019! New Year’s Resolutions Checklist for Success

New Year’s resolutions are one of the more interesting cultural traditions. Thanksgiving, Christmas and the holiday celebration rituals are much more than just gift-giving, parties and family meals. Often they are symolic celebrations of the past and a commitment for future celebrations. New Year’s celebrations are very different. We celebrate the previous year with an eye [...]

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The Holiday Party Cleaning Checklist

The secret to a clean home is a consistent schedule along with a good plan. Around the holiday season, even the best plans can go off course. With the addition of holiday meals, gift giving and gatherings, our daily routines might need to be changed up a bit. Is it your turn to host the big [...]

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Fall Pets Allergies Infographic

Each year approximately 50 million people combat allergies, but did you know that it's not just us that deal with these issues? Many people that own pets aren't aware that 10% of dogs deal with seasonal allergies, and the percent is increasing each year. There are lots of things pet owners can do to reduce the risk of a [...]

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Why Are Pets So Important To Families

Pets are definitely part of the family. They play such an important and meaningful role in your lives, especially that of your kids. They can provide families with company and loyal friendship at home as well as teach kids responsibility. The positive impact is undeniable that pets can have. Take a look at the many different ways that [...]

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Dr. Chem-Dry Cares

Dr. Chem-Dry Carpet & Tile Cleaning is dedicated to helping families maintain a happy, healthy home. That commitment extends to all family members, including pets. Dr. Chem-Dry is proud to offer an array of superior cleaning services – including our revolutionary Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.) – that help pet owners maintain a safe, clean [...]

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Guide to Offensive Pet Odors

We all would do anything for our pets. Americans in particular have a love for dogs. These family members bring tons of fun into our lives and homes every day. We snuggle with them in our home, take them for walks at the park, and play frisbee with them outside. They are mans best friend. Our cuddly little [...]

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Keep Your Floors As Clean as These 3 Famous Carpets

When you’re in the cleaning business, carpets become ubiquitous. But every now and then, we see a carpet that really sticks in our minds as something special — a carpet that we would love to get our hands (and cleaners) on. So we’ve put together a list of our top three famous carpets. Which ones [...]

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