Benefits of Rugs

A quality rug is a great addition to any household. They’re durable, beautiful, and have some practical value too.

At Dr. Chem-Dry Carpet & Tile Cleaning, we know just how much good a decent rug could do for your home. If you’re wondering how getting a rug could benefit, here are four ways that it can be a boon for your house.

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Stain Protection

Think of your rugs as a shield for your hardwood floors. Rugs can protect your floors from all kinds of stains and scratches. An exposed floor can easily be riddled with various food and drinks stains. By setting a rug down it’ll keep your floors clean and make your house look more attractive. With all the different color and design varieties of rugs that are available, you can find a rug that matches the aesthetic of your home. Beautiful to behold AND practical? Rugs truly are the best of both worlds.


One major benefit of rugs is that they have heat retaining properties. Rugs and carpeting can act as great insulators! They can help you maintain the temperature of your rooms and save money on your heating bills. Insulation can also make your house quieter by buffering noise. A room without carpeting or rugs will often experience higher levels of echoing and noise reverberation.


Rugs can be a literal life-saver. They can add a protective layer of safety to your floors. They provide traction, which reduces the opportunity for slips and falls. In the event of an accident, having a rug on the floor will give you a cushion to soften the impact of your fall. If you have children in your home, getting rugs should be high on your baby-proofing to-do list.

Cover Ups

Do you have visible signs of damage on your floors? Is there a large blemish on your wall? Do you have an empty space in your home that could use some kind of aesthetic flourish? Rugs are great for covering up damage flooring and making your house appear more put together. You can also hang them on the walls too as another way of decorating or masking imperfections on your walls.

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